Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Where to Buy RubyRumps

After about three months of figuring out how to sell RubyRumps I have focused on selling them three different ways.  My first focus is selling local.  There are so many cloth diaper brands and companies out there, that it is difficult to expect to match up with some of the leading names.  However, there are a couple of things very important to me:  I want to be able to know where my diapers are made and I would like to be able to buy them from a local business.  Quality materials are also a must.

Since downtown Port Townsend is not filled with families and strollers, there are not tons of different places to buy baby items, just a handful.  Of that handful of places a smaller amount sell handmade things.  I decided I wanted to sell my cloth diapers at Seams to Last because there is a focus on local made baby clothing.  These items are quite beautiful indeed and I am proud to get to sell my stuff there too.  Seams to Last is located near the ferry dock, near The Public House.  My mom has bought my kids some gifts from this store and it is a fun place to look around. 

As I started to set up shop, friends of mine also asked about ordering RubyRumps who do not live in town.  It has taken me some time to get an Etsy website together, but now those people can buy from Etsy.  I also set up a Facebook page for updates and cloth diaper tips.  One can contact me about buying diapers on this page as well. 

Custom orders of 6 diapers or more will take at least two weeks.  Less than 6 diapers takes about one week.  If I happen to have what you want made, I can ship it within one to two business days. 

Diapers at Seams to Last

Custom Order

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