Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Custom Made Wool Covers

With a newborn, diaper sizing can be difficult.  Sometime, PUL covers are too wide, too long, too anything that makes the diaper a pain to use.  I have loved using fitted cloth diapers, made of hemp, under a nice cozy wool cover. 

The up side of this system is 2-3 wool covers work just fine.  I have around 15 fitted cloth diapers to go with the covers.  This lasts about a day and half.  When I wash just the hemp fitted diapers, I can dry them faster on high heat, or drip dry them.  The wool covers need to be washed in their own load, by hand or the gentlest cycle in the washer.  Use wool specific soap to make sure they stay waterproof.  It is the lanolin in the wool that makes these covers work.  One needs to air dry the covers, but they dry pretty fast.  I would say have that 3rd cover on hand just to make sure one has a dry cover while washing the other two.

These covers do not leak, but eventually feel damp if the diaper under it gets really really wet.  Usually the baby is screaming for a diaper change before this point.  I do not use these once baby is around 3 months old because I prefer AIO diapers once baby is big enough to fit in them comfortably.  I would assume more frequent diaper changes would be needed on a bigger child with these covers.

Overall, I love these covers.  They seem like a gentle intro to cloth option for baby and mommy.  They go on like a pair of pants, in a warm enough season, these are great with just a shirt, for fast diaper changes.  Plus, since wool is breathable, I have had no rashes with this option.

If you are interested in a wool cover, contact me on my FB or Etsy page. or

I custom make these to order and I knit them by hand so it takes up to two weeks for me to make two of these, longer when I need to order supplies.  I can make stripes or solid color diapers.  This is knit with Rowan 100% wool.

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